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Founded in 2011 iTech has grown to service all of USA.  Our clients are referred from trusted electronic dealers and Apple resellers. According to thousands of our client, we are the best choice for any out-of-warranty service work for all Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Lenovo, LG (and many other), products and we offer guaranteed original quality (OEM) parts, with qualified technicians to handle your beloved device.
Located in Domain Austin TX. iTech  has carved out a niche market for device and computer repair. We are not your average back alley repair company, or newly trained start up. We are the best at what we do, and that means our staff come with the best certifications like Apple Certified Macintosh Technician ACMT, and Electronics Engineering Degrees, and combined decades of hands on experience. Our team strives to bring value through education, passion, and perfection, with all of our repairs going through a rigorous test to make sure it comes back to the owner in perfect working order.

We also fix phones, tablets, Mac and PC.


We at iTech repair, and help with many people’s phones, tablets, computers, and any other electronic devices. These devices are sometimes “work machines”, but often they represent the client’s connection to the world.

Whether we are repairing a screen, or removing a virus, every one of our customers has put their beloved device in our care. We greatly appreciate that they made the choice to take your device to RepairExpress, and put their trust in our ability to fix it.

 Thank you, we will do our absolute best to exceed your expectations. 


iTech values knowledgeintegrity, passion, and sustainability.

We work with all kinds of electronics; from expensive computers to discount phones, but each of these is cared for enough by the owner for them to invest in repair when something goes wrong. We ensure that we do everything possible to fix these devices. Thus we are constantly learning, from traditional educational sources, as well as online educational sources. Knowledge is the key to being able to identify a problem, and quickly find a solution that the client will be happy with. We start with a keen interest in what the client has to say. The client is the first, and most important source for diagnostic information.


ITECH  technicians (Experts) handle devices that contain personal and professional files, pictures, and information. It is vital that you trust us with your device, but also with your data. Our Experts will never explore personal information that the you have not asked for help with. We will keep safe, and absolutely confidential, your personal information. Our customers are from every walk of life, from teachers to law enforcement, everyone has devices they need help with from time to time.


Repair is not only good for the pocketbook, but also good for the soul (and the environment). Every device that is repaired is not a device that goes to a landfill. It is also not a device that needs to be replaced with a brand new one before its time. We ensure that every part we use is of the highest quality, as to ensure that your device functions properly. We also warranty all of our work with  our industry leading ninety day warranty. We ensure that every part we replace is recycled, or up-cycled (see appendix), or disposed of properly.


Finally, and above all, we truly love that we can help those whose connection to the world was severed. We are Experts, but we are also geeks. We fix devices and run our stores because we are passionate about the latest “toys”, and that we get to show our clients some of that passion with every interaction.

We love our customers and their devices as much as they do.

If you drop your mobile, bring it to iTech. We provide a smartphone, Tablet, PC, Mac, Game Console  repair. Our shop buys and sells used phones, tablets, Laptop and other Electronic Devices. We also carry a number of accessories. Our licensed technicians are experienced in troubleshooting mobile devices. We have a complete stock of parts, and we complete your job is less than 30 minutes. If we can't fix your phone, we don't charge you.


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Check out this great video

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3220 Feathergrass Ct, #124 Austin, Texas 78758, United States

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